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FPS, popularly known as First Person Shooter games

Are you a fan of playing of shooter games online? If yes, then you cannot wait to read the entire article of my blog post about the general review of FPS. Indeed, I have a lot to tell you and there is no doubt that, after reading this, whatever information you had about the above genre will be threefold.

That being said, let me be the first person to tell something amazing about FPS games. Typically, among the biggest sellers in online games is none other than FPS, popularly known as First Person Shooter games. I have come to realize that most of the shooter games in this genre are the favorites for kids and dads in a home set-up.

However, many moms have a negative perception of online shooter games; they believe that the graphics and the level of violence in the game are too high to bear, hence they will opt to keep themselves busy in the kitchen preparing meals while kids and dad are out there on their PCs having fun shooting all over! Huh, I call it food for thought!

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FPS Features

First Person Shooter, or rather FPS, is a type of 3-D online video games that centers the gameplay on the ‘the-first-person-perspective.’ The concerned person is armed with different kinds of handheld weapons because at one point, there will be a violent attack and brutal wars that require personal defense, attack, and eventually kill the enemy to become the winner.

As a player, you will never get bored since you are constantly interacting with the game environment from your own perspective. I have come to realize that most online gamers, especially those who are still new to the genre, have challenges differentiating between FPS and TPS (or third-person shooter). But the truth of the matter is that, with TPS, as a player, you are able to clearly see the action from the back as well as the character who is controlling it, which is not the case with FPS.

As earlier mentioned, FPS involves a good number of characters, varying the amount of enemies (based on the difficulty level of the game), and of course, different types of handheld weapons. Besides that, since most of the games in the above genre are released in 3-D, they are more realistic and represent collisions, lighting, and sound better than they are in 2-D shooter games.

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Closing thoughts

If you have been playing online shooter games for a while, you must have realised that most of the online FPS games focus mainly on gameplay, displaying fast-paced and bloody firefights. As if that is not enough, you will note that some games in the above genre emphasize some sort of storylines, puzzles, melee combat, and problem-solving in addition to conventional shooting.

Although it should be remembered that online FPS video games came into existence way back in the 1970s (Spasim and Maze War released in 1974), hundreds of thousands of online FPS games were released in the late 1990s when PCs became powerful enough to display real-time 3D graphics and images.

With broadband Internet services now available in millions of homes worldwide, gamers can now enjoy latest FPS games on their PCs via streaming download instead of the CD. When playing, you can choose free FPS games or enjoy high quality subscribed online games, which are extremely affordable.

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