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Hi all readers and online first-person shooters!

I am a passionate writer with a cosmic knowledge in matters related to online game playing, and specifically FPS games. I have been developing and building online gaming resources for a decade of years, supply my esteemed readers with up to date and accurate information on a broad range online gaming topics.

With a quick search on the net, you will definitely find a plethora of blog sites that provide some information about online shooter games. I cannot deny that most of them are worthwhile; but, it is quite unfortunate that many of them contain irrelevant, out of date, or incorrect information. Besides that, even those that seem to be precise are not predominantly helpful, and you cannot use the content to make an informed decision about online shooter games. Well, these inaccuracies are common because of writers not being experienced or other lack the relevant news/content about online shooter games.

The good news is that I have a solution. I do things a little bit different. Before compiling shooter blogs or reviews, I have to sit for several hours doing an extensive research on the topics, interview online shooter players, and so on. At the end of the day, I have up to date information to share with you and others. Therefore, be assured that whatever you are looking for on this website, I have confidence that you are going to get meaningful and helpful contents.

As I finish, there is one more last thing I would like to put across to all my esteemed readers, who happen to be lovers of online shooter games. It is this way: although online shooter games are a great source of entertainment and the fact that many players enjoy without any significant problems, I have noted with great concern that there’re some players who lose control at the end. Addiction sets in! Please, I urge you to play responsibly. Finally, let me take this excellent opportunity to wish you all the best as you enjoy shooting enemies online. Enjoy yourself and have a great fun!



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