Call of Duty 4 Game Review

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COD4 will definitely shake loose your fillings!

They say war is hell, which I totally agree. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare from Infinity Ward takes you to the very depths of Hades. Commonly referred to as COD4, it is one of the long-awaited first person shooter games after its successor Call of Duty 2, which was just intense, jarring, and gripping take on war currently available in the new millennia.

Indeed, the enemies/opponents in the above FPS game are smarter, and the weapons used are even deadlier. It boasts of having plentiful of grenades. In general, COD4 will definitely shake loose your fillings and have you pleading and begging for more!
When I say that COD4 is an award winning FPS game of the century, then I will be absolutely in order. In fact, I have heard some online games who claim that the above game deserves the ‘Game of the Year’ award, just in case Metal Solid Gear-4 had not budgeted in.

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COD4 Story & Missions

COD4 FPS game begins with at least 22nd SAS Regiment member captain whose main role is to guide your opening character. Thereafter, we have Sergeant John MacTavish, who is seen on a training mission with aim of infiltrating a cargo ship. As a player, as soon as you pick crucial information, enemy jets rush in for an attack, forcing Captain Price and the rest of the members, you included, to scramble off the ship, which starts to sink with fire blazing all over around you. If you thought that is the end, then be informed that it was just the beginning! Log in today to your FPS game platform to enjoy the rest.

CoD4: Modern Warfare is also applauded for its incredible way of telling a story. It is this way: instead of going through subtext and cut scene, the developer (Infinity Ward) gives the player a first-person view of the missions. For example, immediately after the cargo ship incident, the player will be shown a scene where a foreign leader is seen beaten mercilessly, dragged along the road, and thrown into a car. This is the point where the game sees the gameplay actions from the captive’s eye.

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Closing thoughts

The best thing about Call of Duty 4 is the way they show you weapons and other dangerous objects. Besides that, on the screen, you will see a compass where a yellow marker points towards your target and calculates the distance to tell you how far is the enemy is. Unfortunately, even with all these guiding and directional tools, you will realize that you are already lost. When you are lost, you need to tune to your radio to listen for advice and further directions from commanding officer.

The single player mode in the above game sets you back five to seven hours with difficulty levels, which ranges from pansy to veteran. However, if you have other four controllers, you can team up with them on split screen excursions.

As I conclude, it is worth nothing that CoD4: Modern Warfare has incredible graphics capturing the environment of the war-town, dark and wet jungle, dusty and dry field, blended with the constant chatter on the radio, bullet sounds all over, realistic blast of bombs, and much more. Indeed, this game is over and beyond the expectation of many. It comprehensively takes you into the war zone you had been waiting for.

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