Integrity of the command center

The mighty destructive forces during World War II and the shrinking movement of the continent came on the ropes. The old army was able to dismantle and crush all the supplies in the country that went through, but between 1939 and 1945 its counterpart was essentially an indivisible organism, a mixture of dangerous tentacles that emerged from the necessary support staff, equipment and shops. The Command Center 2 unit recognizes this through mechanisms that are abstract works of art, thus adding new spirit to operations that have been ludologized countless times before.

While 2×2’s second six-curtain IGOUGO WW2 offering can trace its origins all the way to the Panzer General, unlike the exchange of current PG descendants, it is a game that Silver Temple strategists like me can play without risking déjà Wun.

Innovative treatments like supplies and headquarters (in its own way UoC2 is as daring as “New Wave” like Radio Commander, Rebel Inc and Afghanistan 11) combined with exceptionally successful artificial intelligence gives UoC2 the novelty, credibility and strong opponents, even jade grogs must be defeated. A logical foundation, decent tool tips and a first-class presentation give it the smooth edges it needs to come out with outsiders interested in genres.

Moving to Tunisia (UoC2’s largely linear campaign starts in North Africa and travels to Normandy and the lowlands via Italy and the South of France) straight from the Eastern Front and admires the frontless, war-torn, fully rotating 3D maps that are likely to force you as 2×2 expandable and enriched decision-making .

The minimalist original from 2011 described above had two questions: “Where should I move this unit?” and “What should the enemy attack, if any?” There was a touch of bomb emission, bridge construction and unit reinforcement / adaptation, but at this point UoC was a cropped game with thoughtful movement and careful Schwerpunkting. In the future, things will be a little more involved and a lot more colorful.

A new twist

Units within the reach of the head office may assume that the head office is updated correctly (you adjust the copper base periodically) and that the bank still has command points that perform fine attacks such as fog, attacks and controversial river crossings, and prepare for special defense missions such as re-inspection. lost hope and cunning counterattack. Variations selected with the mouse wheel provide low-risk alternatives to conventional attacks and change the way devices respond to attacks. At the end of each turn, finished CPs can also simply simulate, motorize, rearrange, reinforce and manually deliver bridges as well as build, tear and repair bridges. All of these choices provide much more interesting and repetitive activities.

Another distraction from clogging is moping. Because the devices now cast carved ‘wanderers’ dominated by artificial intelligence, and these worthless remnants (represented by the light blue human-shaped icons in the image above) try to return to the distribution site and the staff who will eventually feed them. In the fight for back substitutes, you usually have to arrest if you get ruined. Not always possible, follow-up rounds sometimes provide information about enemies hidden in FoW, in addition to remembering your opponent’s possible reinforcements. If those crazy running shoes didn’t slow you down, you would do it when you can.

Other important additions to the proven UOC formula include manual / significant feed covers and Footloose display headquarters. The former pushes supplies into inland waterways, away from roads and railways, and is an important factor in many scenarios. The latter fund allows for all the specific combat and planning initiatives mentioned above and, due to their small size, should be regularly reviewed to monitor progress. The timing is about moving REMF files and caches because the guerrilla fats that were disrupted during the next shift are too organized to function.

Sharing a card with the Germans in UoC2 is like sharing an apartment with a family of hungry hyenas. If you use the broom skillfully, you can survive, but you are careless – j