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The First-Person Shooter (or FPS) games is probably one of the loved genres unveiling hundreds of thousands of amazing online shooting games collected from different online game developers from across the world. Indeed, there is no doubt that shooter games are fun to play. I have noted that many gamers like playing FPS games like the Battlefield Online, Call of Duty, and much more with friends. As a matter of fact, there are several websites that host competitions with monetary rewards and other big prizes for First-Person shooter games. Nevertheless, unless you are a seasoned gamer, your chances of winning in such competitions are quite low.

Apparently, FPS games are among the most common free/paid online games people enjoy nowadays. As mentioned earlier, games available in this genre are not only fun but also quite challenging. Indeed, when playing with your team, it is required none of your team members is killed so that you win the game. In other words, if you die while playing, it will mean the enemies will overwhelm your members and it will stop being fun besides losing interest. Well, if this has been the concern, then tips to help you survive the fight will definitely regain your joy, and include the following:

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Avoid playing with explosives

If you have been playing shooter games in the above genre, it is more probable that you have realized that explosives are part of the weapons enemies use to kill their attackers and opponents. Similarly, as a player, if use them well, you can defeat your enemies. However, when playing, it is recommended that you should stay away from explosives such C4 and grenades because you might accidentally blow yourself up or rather, you might have enough time to switch from weapon to another when the opponent/enemy appears.


Avoid walking/running into the open

The trick to surviving and stay alive when playing as a first person shooter is to avoid being exposed. In other words, do not run out into the open before ascertaining the position of opponent soldiers; check out where snipers are located.

Make sure there are no enemies behind you

Typically, in the first-person shooter games, the probability that an enemy is behind you is very high. Therefore, before you make a move towards a particular location, or to attack those enemies who are ahead of you, you need to confirm that nobody is behind you. Remember, the chances of surviving a surprise attack are extremely small.

Upgrade to better weapons

Perhaps, one of the reasons as to why you are dying too fast is because your shooting weapons are too slow or inferior to kill all the enemies/opponents before they get to you. In this case, you need to upgrade to better-shooting weapons that fire quickly and aims accurately. When playing, earn credits or save up your money to get a new shooting gun.

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Closing thoughts

As I conclude, it is important that when you are using a gun to shoot, avoid firing aimlessly. Wait until you have a clear target to aim and fire your gun. Otherwise, misuse of valuable bullets will expose you the enemy when out of stock. Nevertheless, if you follow the aforementioned tips to the latter, it is more likely that you will survive the battle to the end, and of course, emerge victoriously. For more tips on how to survive during the game, please check ‘6 Ways to Boost Your FPS Game’

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