Steer more than 600 planes from World War II to the middle of the 20th century, and prove yourself against players all over the world. Experience epic PvP battles combined with measured tactics and exciting combat!


More than 600 tanks and military vehicles from the largest tank building states in history await your command! Choose one of five vehicle types and explore their unique roles on the battlefield. Find a vehicle and country combination that suits your playing style.


See a map of the best places on your machine. Consider your opponent’s vehicles and their role in battle – develop the perfect strategy to defeat them in tough 15v15 battles! Scroll and match with random players, or organize a team for yourself and fight with friends. Choose anything, control the battlefield! Play alone or participate in team matches. Fight for supremacy and rise to leaderboards. Create your own clan and fight on the world map. World of Tanks has room for every style of play and player.


Open new modules, select your devices and make your own vehicles with lots of customization options. Customize your vehicle with historical camouflage, custom colors, symbols and personal numbers.

160 million people cannot be wrong. Millions of players fight against it every day in the tank world. Come and find what is missing! Thoughts play a pretty important role in modern warfare, so Wargaming has given mechanical villains their own multiplayer. The world of tanks has been collapsing for about a decade, with the list of classic tanks rising to more than 400 including some armored vehicles and other World War II curiosities.

These more than 400 vehicles have unique statistics and features that allow you to learn over hundreds of hours of battle with tank and tank death, and are constantly evolving on the next shiny metal death machine on the upgrade path. Seasonal events, an endless stream of unlockable new devices, and lots of background changes to keep the game fresh. Want to try World of Tanks? PCGamesN has partnered with Wargaming to offer a free US tank – M22 Locust and 600 Gold to all new players who log in via this link.