This years Top 3 Best FPS games

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I have been following the trend of FPS games since 2010, and I can confirm that there has a significant and steady growth as far playing online games in the above genre is concerned. In fact, 2014 and 2015 were the great years for gaming, and FPS seasoned experts believe that 2016 and beyond promises a lot more than that. As a matter of fact, games in this genre have evolved over and beyond expectations and system requirements are constantly and continuously on the rise. I can attest that next generation graphics have taken over and online gamers want even more realistic from online gaming.

We all agree that FPS genre is one of the most dominant and popular platform offering stunning online games these days. Because of these, there is no doubt that some of the biggest game releases in the next couple of years will be set in a first-person perspective. Needless to say, these type of games draws the attention of many online gamers and manages to build a more mammoth experience.

It should be remembered that some of the incredible First-Person Shooter games for the previous include (that is 2015 and below) include Wolfenstein: The Old Blood, Battlefield: Hardline, Rainbow Six: Siege, and many others. However, come 2016, FPS punters are in for special treats since most games in the genre are not only good to play, but they are beautiful to look at too. So, what are some of the best First-Person Shooters of 2016 and beyond? Take a look!


Top 3 games

1. Overwatch

It is true Overwatch is known for its posteriors, but believe me, it is one of the 2016 best FPS games that has great first-person shooter hiding underneath. There are up to 22 heroes to choose from, each one playing a different role from the other. The aim of the gameplay is to fight for supremacy over points. It is worth nothing that the developer of the above FPS game is promising plenty of content coming into the game now and beyond, and all for absolutely free.

2. Doom

Although it was one of the most popular FPS games in recent past, just like bushfires, its fame went off. However, 2016 is its time again. Doom is back with booming fighting features. It is looking more brutal than before, faster and much bloodier than ever! Strafing and running through multiple environments, gamers need to pump rounds into enemies while watching them explode in a rain of viscera.

3. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

The title gives a hint that Mankind is on the verge of a staggering division. This game features an intuitive third-person cover system as well as an incredible hand-to-hand combat move. When playing the game, players (who are humans in this case) are waging war against the Augmented.


Closing thoughts

The aforementioned takes the first three positions as far ranking of the best FPS games in 2016 is concerned. However, there are plethoras of online FPS games unveiled this year with similar rocking features, which players are advised to consider. These include Far Cry Primal, Homefront Revolution, Titanfall 2, Shadow Warrior 2, Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Battleborn, Unreal Tournament, and much more. The punch line is that all of the 2016 FPS games offer state-of-the-heart gaming experience.

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