Top rated weapons used in FPS games

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Get loaded, locked, and ready for fun with online shooter games. If you love games that require fast action as well as hand-eye coordination, the games in the above genre are the perfect choice for you. Indeed, these fast paced and action packed games requires players to have quick reflexes alongside a keen eye, together with the ability to plan strategically and think ahead.

From consoles to arcades to personal computers and mobile phones, first person shooter games are found all over the place. This explains why they are usually most popular as well as highly rated games in online gaming industry. If have you been playing FPS games for a while, it is highly probable that you have noted some big title games that everyone is playing.

Besides that, there’s something I cannot forget to mention when writing blogs of this nature: weapons. Indeed, first person shooter games over the years have brought a plethora of iconic and interesting weaponry. If you are unfamiliar with some of the common weapons used in FPS games, then relax and read this blog to get enlightened!

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Best weapons found in most FPS games

There is no doubt that most of the weapons used FPS games are more interesting and intricate than just something to blast opponents/enemies with. Without further ado, the following are some of the top weapons you expect to meet whenever you playing games in the above genre:

1. The Gravity gun

If you have ever played the Half Life 2 game, then you know what I am talking about. But, I do not understand the relationship between physics and FPS games! Nevertheless, I think the idea of the force of gravity we hear in physics is applied in the above gun. This is a gun with enough power to pull things down.

2. The Crowbar

Crowbar is an iconic weapon found in the Half-Life series games, although gravity is appearing somewhere in the game. When playing, if you see someone holding the crowbar, then know your house is about to be broken into.

3. The Shotgun

In most first person shooter games, it is more probable that you are going to use or see a shotgun. The Doom game is all about the shotgun. It the most preferred iconic weapon because it fires powerful shots. It is the best choice for many shooters.

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4. GEP gun

When playing Deus Ex game, there are plenty of moments where you come across a troublesome robot that cannot be knocked out by the normal gunshots or tranquilizers. An enemy of this nature needs a sophisticated weapon to defeat and GEP gun plays a critical role in such a situation.

5. The Rocket Launcher

When playing the Quake series, you are going to learn about different kind of weapons. One of them is something called the Rocket Launcher. This is a weapon that gives players the ability to rocket jump. If you are not familiar with rocket jumping, I highly recommend that you go through the trials of the modern Quake-Live browser game. In this FPS game, rocket jumping is paramount to make any progress.

The list of weapons used in FPS games is just endless, but the above-mentioned are just but a few. Others include the Lightsabre, Disc Launcher, and Portal Gun. Therefore, if are planning to start playing games in the above genre, then be ready to use and enjoy the aforementioned weapons.

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